Color Blocking Friday

I Finally had a chance to put on this dress I've been dying to wear. I'm a size us18 but the dress is a size us8. I love the way it clings to my curves :)

Maxi Dress |  Calvin Klein
Clutch & Jewelry |Local Thrift Shops
Gladiator Sandals| Honey Comb Hideout 


  1. Oh my gosh girl! Im gagging over this red dress and those accessories!! Slayed!

  2. You did well with this colour block, you did very well!

  3. Beautiful color and dress, but I must ask what type of bra did you wear?? I would love to wear dresses like that, but always have issues with the bra straps showing or just not looking good at all; I'm in dire need of proper suggestions.

    Thx in advance!

    1. Its called the T- shirt bra and I purchased it from Fashion Bug. I'm not sure of the bra companies name. Also try Lane Bryant!!

  4. T- shirt bra, got it!


  5. My favorite bra for years, try others, and always wonder why. Soft, comfortable and I really need the adjustments in the front like this one has!! I would recommended bali bra 3372

  6. very beautiful dressing! you look gorgeous!

  7. woa, i love your style! you are so beautiful and sexy!

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