Recent Purchases

Now that the semester has started I've been spending any little cash I get on books, groceries, laundry, over due book fines, organization fees etc.. But for the past few weeks I've been buying things that I will actually enjoy.
Here are some of the purchases I made this month:

Oversized Tribal Print Jacket - Thrifted 
I plan on turning this tapestry into an Oversized Clutch (when I find some time)
Aztec Tapestry - Thrifted 
Gold Watch - Burlington Coat Factory


  1. It is so funny...I posted your outfit on my FB page...admiring this clutch and everybody thought that I was you! LOL...So I had to tell everyone that I wasnt you, but I didnt know who you Big Beautiful Black girls commented and sent me to your I LOVE your style hunn! And I cant believe you made that dress! I want to learn to sew SO bad! You look great! New subbie :)



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