DIY: Heavy Metal Clutch

Level : Easy

About a year ago I had this weird infatuation with spikes, studs, and chains (still kinda do). So while I was cleaning out my craft closet I rediscovered some 1 inch spikes I purchased during that weird stage of mine. I decided to put them on this make up bag I've been wearing as a clutch. I know a lot of my readers would love this idea so here is a tutorial for you all to try!


Clear Make up Bag | 1" screw back spikes  (I used 24) |  Small Sharp Object ( I choose a hair sewing needle) | Takes 30 minutes or less

Step 1: Using your sharp object puncture a whole into the bag & insert the screw of the spike

Step 3: Screw the spike in place

Step 4: Repeat until you achieve your desired look

Here is how my clutch turned out. What do you think??


  1. Cool idea.

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  2. Oh, wow you did a great job. Love it!

  3. ooooh such a cool idea! I love it, and it does look pretty easy!

  4. This is the bomb! I would love to do this with a duller tip along the bottom to make a Alexander Wang inspired bag! Thanks for the idea! Kiah

  5. Awesome!!! I wish I could get into DIYing!

  6. WOW!! I really love this & the fact that it's such a simple yet chic concept :)

  7. So cute..must try this..I wanna spike and stud the whole thing out though..I guess the sides with the short, flat ones..I have a feeling I'm going to go crazy! lol


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