Recent Purchases #3

Lately my bank account has been looking quite skimp. All my money is going to textbooks, art supplies, and boring things like  food & shelter. I'm surprised I was able to shop as much as I did these last couple of weeks.

Sports Illustrated Sweatshirt | Local Thrift

Tiger Ring | Karmaloop

Prom dress | Deb ( the dress was 70% off of $25) i think the dress is hideous but I love the two toned tulle so I had to get it. I plan on Reconstructing the dress later on this month.

Fringe Duster | thrift

Native Print Coat | Thrift (I'm so in love with the print)

Neon and blue. DEB | Glitter . Beauty Supply


  1. God, you know much ppl are paying for Navajo Coats? You got lucky with that one! I love it, and everything else you found! Where did you thrift?

    1. Yess girl I know!!! God blessed me with that Coat & it was only $8!! My favorite thrift store is value village in Silver Spring.

  2. are there any other thrift stores in the MD/DC area that usually have plus size items ?

  3. Prom dress is like whoa and I adore anything Native printed of course! lol Great finds! Kiah

  4. Great finds girl! I can't wait to see what you do with the prom dress!

  5. I really like the colorful hoodie :D

    Check some DIY

  6. That tribal coat is incredible!! What a find girl! :)

  7. OMG that Native Print Coat and fringe duster is amazing!!!!

    Great finds, are you going to DIY the sweatshirt?

  8. You are a girl after my own heart! Love everything especially the print coat!

  9. Print coat, fringe coat, SI jersey... Gimme! Wow these were good finds!


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