Solange X Complex Magazine

I have to say I am loving this shoot Solange did with Complex magazine! I love everything about her spread! The colors, her makeup, her hair, and even the tacky plastic covered furniture! Click here for more photos and Solange's interview with Complex Mag. 

 CREDITS: (STYLING) Peju Famojure. (PROP STYLING) Robert Sumrell. (HAIR) Nikki Nelms. (MAKEUP) Munemi Imai. (MANICURIST) Gina Edwards. (CLOTHING) OPENING SPREAD: Top by Amaya Arzuaga / Shorts by Gottex / Shoes by Christian Louboutin. NEXT SPREAD: Swimsuit by Eres / Shoes by Christian Louboutin. PREVIOUS SPREAD: Swimsuit by Gottex / Shoes by Christian Louboutin


  1. This gives me so much live. Solange is beyond gorgeous.

  2. She is giving me sooo much 70s Diana... omg, she killed it. Look at her face! Look at her body!! SICK!!

  3. Hey girl! I love your banner! (Sorry, been MIA in blog world lately)

    Solange is really beautiful! Like you. :)

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    I hope this :)



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