Recent Purchases: Leather Weather

Wow! Its been a while since I've done a recent purchases post. Probably because most of my income is going to fabric, sewing notions, and student loans. But lately some of my money has been going to revamping my wardrobe. The past four years I've spent the fall & the winter seasons on a college campus in sweats, leggings, and over sized hoodies. Now that I've graduated my nights are no longer spent in the library but in the city so I had to do a little shopping to adjust to my environment.  Here's a little peek of the items currently in my shopping cart. 

QUILTED ZIP FRONT PENCIL SKIRT (SIMPLYBE) // Fur jacket (SIMPLYBE) // Wang tee (eBAY)// PU fronted tee (SIMPLYBE) // CHUNKY chain cuff bracelet (DOROTHY pERKINS) // The Malice Shoe (KARMALOOP) // Cobalt Clutch (SIMPLYBE) //AX Paris PU Skater Skirt (SIMPLYBE)


  1. Great pieces what a great start to revamping your wardrobe love it!

  2. Lovely items ,what size did you get in the pu fronted tee , does it run small ?

  3. It's a fun play with sweater weather (I love that song!). I got myself a leather corset only recently. It instantly makes a get-up sexy!

  4. oooh those are some amazing items you purchased! i cant wait to wear my leather skirt out!‎

  5. Love the SKIRT! The PU tee.Fabuluxe!

  6. awesome , i love everything in that set, i'm in love with black colours.

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