I've been spending the last couple of weekends decorating my little cottage. I wanted to share a little of what I've done as well as a selfie or two :)

Pants|| Courtesy of Sammy Dress
I love these ankle length pants from Sammy Dress! I would recommend sizing 2 to 3 sizes up! Yes! You heard correct! It is an Asian based company, therefore clothing runs very small! I typically a size 2x, us 18/20 but had to go 3 sizes up to a 5xl.



  1. Your home looks lovely (and GREEN <333)! Those trousers look comfy AF and I lowkey need that top in my life so I can spend this summer bra-free.


    Nomali from Soweto

  2. You are so freaking lovely! Please keep being yourself as loudly as possible. Your skin is perfect. Your hair is perfect. You're perfect. Good day.


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