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As a plus size women it is extremely difficult to find clothing that fits comfortably without having alterations. There has  been so many times where I found a top that fit my arms but the torso was way too loose or finding pants that fit everywhere else but leaves a huge gap around my waist. The Worst! But I bring you great news! Recommended and I have teamed up to for a sweepstakes for a chance of one of you to win a $50 amazon gift card by sharing & helping others connect with your favorite tailor! 

What is Recommended?
When it comes to a new burger joint or a bar, Yelp is fine, but when it comes to important services that cost more than $10, you really want the help of people who know you & your needs. That's why friends' recommendations are so powerful. These conversations already happen in person when someone asks you for a recommendation for a new hairstylist or doctor -- Recommended is just bringing word of mouth online. I love that I can see who my friends and family have recommended, and also search through all the recommendations on site by occupation (e.g. searching for a doctor, mover, hairstylist, dance teacher, etc.)

So how do you enter?
Click HERE to recommend your favorite tailor, seamstress, or custom clothing shop. You can also view my recommendations for tailors/seamtress in the NY, NOLA, and DC area.
Everyone who enters will get a chance to win $50 Amazon gift card, plus they'll get $5 credits just for writing a recommendation, which they can spend on Recommended services! Every recommendation is an entry into our drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.
Good luck & Happy Recommending!! 


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