Tissura Fabrics

I shop for fabric quite a bit, whether it is for a DIY, a client, my own home or an editorial. It’s still one of my favorite things to buy in person because you can touch, smell, caress, throw on your furniture, stare at excessively, etc. But some of the big box fabric stores or the fabric district can be overwhelming what with their hundreds of options and rows and rows of stacked yardage. It’s often random what you find, they may not have the exact yardage that you need, or you may have to trek around to get something quality that still feels special. And while I LOVE venturing out in the fabric district Online fabric stores seem more practical and convenient. Which brings me to TissuraTissura is an online store that has an incredible choice of high end, luxurious fabrics, ranging from linens to exquisite silks and glamorous laces!

Tissura is the place where you can find your dream fabric for a special event like a wedding, fashion show, a prom night, etc. The fabrics are of the best quality, and they ship worldwide! 

My Fabric Picks: 

My favorite out of the thousands of selections to choose from would have to be the jacquard brocade. I think we'll be seeing a lot of women rocking jacquard brocades this fall. The eye catching prints and vivid colors would definitely have you standing out. 

Another favorite of mine from Tissura would be the beaded and embellished fabrics. These are definitely a show stopper! The detail and quality of these fabrics are spectacular! You would be getting your money's worth for sure. 

Last but not least, fringe!  This textured fabric gives me chills just by looking it at. If you're looking for glamorous textured fabrics that scream diva than look no further! These fabrics will have you turning heads with every step you take. The colors are so vivid and bold that's it's impossible to pass up. 


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