The Perfect Sculpt: Seamless High Waist Briefs & Waist Trainer

For the second installment of The Perfect Sculpt product review, I've included two items this time since I wear them together for super tummy control.  I got the chance to review The Perfect Sculpt  Seamless High Waist Brief and The Perfect Sculpt Waist Trainer

The Perfect Sculpt: Seamless Waist and Waist Trainer  | Purchase Here 

The briefs are made of very lightweight material and give you a nice shape under any garment. To create a snatched look I wore the waist trainer on top of the briefs for more control. As far as waist trainers go it is very comfortable and I can breathe in it without discomfort. The size fits perfectly and the quality is absolutely the best!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I believed a good waist trainer can help weight loss, and even burn fat ..

    2. I agree what you all say, but men can wear waist trainer not just only women.

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